Marisa Salinas

Marisa Salinas is a Ph.D candidate in the department of Sociology concurrently pursuing a doctoral emphasis in the department of Black Studies. Salinas obtained bachelors degrees in Sociology and Chicana/o Studies from UC Santa Barbara with an extensive background in Black Studies. While receiving her Master’s degree in Sociology from San Diego State University, she taught critical Sociology to diverse SDSU learning communities from the border communities along the US/Mexican border and the inner city of San Diego. Her master’s thesis, entitled “Mestizas in the Academy: Latina Faculty and the Negotiation of their Personal and Professional Lives,” uses sociological methods and an Ethnic Studies theoretical framework as a hybrid scholar to examine how Latina faculty manage conflicts within their multiple identities and expectations inside and outside of the IvoryTower to negotiate amongst their personal and professional spheres. Salinas is a  Chicano Studies Institute (CSI) graduate fellow for her dedication to research on Chicano communities.

Interests: critical race studies, race, latino sociology, chicana feminisms, femcrit, ethnic studies, critical education and pedagogies, female faculty of color, cultural studies, intersectionality, borderlands theory as pertaining to conflicting



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