Current Students

Alfrey, Lauren

Arce, Eric

Armanino, Daniel

Bishop, Katelynn

Interests: gender, the body, culture, consumerism, social media, interaction

Brown, Laurica

Bryant, Kristen

Interests: fandom, play, culture, popular culture, audience studies, life course

Budesa, Joan

Carney, Nikita

Interests: race, gender, cultural theory, migration, transnationalism, Haitian diaspora, intersectionality

Chatillon, Anna

Interests: race and racism, whiteness, gender and feminist studies, intersectionality, social movements, public policy

Danipour, Roberto

Interests: social and political theory, political economy

Devoto, Sarah

Ellis, Corrie

Interests: climate/environmental justice, gender, social change and activism, labor, development, public sociology, qualitative and feminist methodologies.

Engeman, Cassandra

Interests: social movements, social policy, work and labor, science and technology, qualitative and quantitative methods

Feldman, David

Garza, Jeremy

Interests: Critical Ethnic Studies, Women of Color Feminisms, Settler Colonial Studies, Social Justice Movements, Oral History, Queer of Color Critique, Borders/Borderland Theory, Critical Pedagogies, Sexuality of Migration, Information/Archival Studies

Goalwin, Greg

Interests: religion, nationalism, culture, Middle East, comparative and historical sociology

Gomez, Jonathan

Gonzales, Daisy

Interests: gender, race/ethnicity, and social inequality, organizations and work; institutional change and bureaucracies; sociological practice and public sociology

Gonzales, Gabrielle

Gow, Jamella

Interests: gender, race/ethnicity, class, Caribbean, colonialism, global capitalism, transnationalism, diaspora, identity politics, social activism

Halcomb, Laura

Harr, Bridget

Hikido, Annie

Interests: race, class, and gender; labor; multiculturalisms; global and transnational studies; feminist studies; South Africa; qualitative methods

Hobden, Deborah

Interests: globalization, development, urban sociology, Africa, qualitative methods

Hopkins, Jason

Jay, Mark

Jungleib, Lillian

Interests: social movements, feminist studies, sexualities, queer studies, labor movements, sex work

Kapdan, Onur

Interests: globalization and radical social change, critical theory, social movements, political sociology

Kelekay, Jasmine

Interests: race and racism; race and the body; punishment and social control; critical criminology; policing; prisoner reentry; racial violence; critical race theory and methodology; critical mixed race studies; global African diaspora and Black Europe

King, Zack

Interests: environmental justice, social movements, revolutions, global climate change, global inequality

Kulick, Alex

Interests: technology and new media; social change and movements; intersectionality; race, gender, class, sexuality; participatory research; mixed-methods frameworks

Lopez, Amber

Interests: gender, sexuality, media, culture, law, feminist studies

Manski, Ben

Interests: sociology of law, environmental sociology, historical sociology, social movements, revolutions and social change, social theory, global and transnational studies

Matthews, Katherine

Interests: race and racism, criminal justice, policing, and urban sociology

Mayers, Quintarrius

McCumber, Andrew

Newman, Alyssa

Interests: critical mixed race studies, sociology of the body, gender, intersectionality, masculinities, youth, beauty, qualitative methodology

Nguyen, Hoai-An

Olmos, Daniel

Interests: urbanism, immigration, social movements, labor and work, race and ethnicity, political economy, governmentality, cultural studies, qualitative methodology, social theory

Ornelas, Alexandra

Interests: race and ethnicity, gender, intersectionality, feminist studies, organizations, violence against women, Chicana/o studies, social movements, qualitative methods

Ota, Kendall

Pham, Janelle

Interests: gender and sexuality; sexual behavior and decision-making; intersectional theory; qualitative methods

Rangel, Salvador

Interests: citizenship, migration, nationalism and patriotism, critical globalization studies, social theory, Marxism, political economy, class and class consciousness, ideology, legality and illegality, race and racism

Rios, Sarah

Rodriguez, Liliana

Interests: Immigration, assimilation and acculturation, ethnic and racial identity, intra-ethnic relations, and educational inequality

Royce, Tracy

Russo, Chandra

Interests:social movements, transnational solidarity, climate justice, race and ethnicity, law and society, social and cultural theory

Salinas, Marisa

Interests: critical race studies, race, latino sociology, chicana feminisms, femcrit, ethnic studies, critical education and pedagogies, female faculty of color, cultural studies, intersectionality, borderlands theory as pertaining to conflicting

Schneider, Emily

Interests: Transnational studies, tourism, Israel/Palestine, diaspora, social movements, qualitative methods, nationalism, identity

Seeber, Andrew

Interests: sex, gender, sexuality, race, and class (particularly as they relate to trans* people), qualitative methods, feminist studies

Sinlao, Jamila

Interests: culture, religion, gender, history, organizations

Sorenson, Anna

Sorin, Cierra

Interests: sexuality, social networks, social deviance, gender, feminist studies

Sterphone, Joseph

Interests: race/ethnicity, immigration, nationalism, culture, identity, electoral politics, environmental justice

Suarez, Fatima

Interests:Gender, race and ethnicity, Latina/o sociology, Chicana feminisms, Chicano/Latino masculinities, intersectionality, qualitative methods

Tabag, Megan

Interests: gender and sexuality, relationship initiation and interaction, romance and love, masculinities, the body, incarceration

Unden, Megan

Valdivia, Angel

Interests: Chicana/o & Latina/o sociology, globalization, urban sociology, and spatial theory

Van Valkenburgh, Shawn

Interests: science studies, cultural studies, critical theory

Wong, Anne

Interests: Gender, class, culture and ethnicity; intersectionality; work; education; social inequalities

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